Carbon fibre laminates

Carbon fibre-reinforced plastics have gained a strong position in the car manufacturing and aircraft construction sectors thanks to their great potential for use in lightweight construction: Carbon fibre laminates stand out thanks to their high structural strength and light weight. In addition, the use of carbon fibre laminates in series production also has other advantages. Complex components can be created with fewer parts, and investment costs for tools are lower.

A reduction in the weight of vehicle components leads to energy savings in everyday operation. In other areas, the greater rigidity of the laminate leads to better possibilities for miniaturisation. The constructive possibilities offered by lightweight construction thus rival the material ones. New characteristics and combinations of characteristics depend on the adaptation of the manufacturing processes, however. At the same time, there are additional production-related savings thanks to integrative manufacturing methods which enable shorter process times while requiring fewer tools and, at the same time, a better control of material characteristics.

Carbon fibre laminates owe their special characteristics to their composite material construction: The carbon fibre layers embedded in a plastic or ceramic matrix strengthen the material in the direction of the fibres, ensuring strength and rigidity.