Bulk moulding compound (BMC)

The half-finished fibre-matrix product known as “Bulk moulding compound” or “Bulk molding compound” has been used in industrial manufacturing processes since the 1950s. The short synthetic, glass or natural fibres embedded in the synthetic resin stiffen and stabilise the moulded parts that are produced. Components made from this material also have higher operating temperature limits than pure polyester resin.

In the car manufacturing sector, BMC is used both as a material for headlight reflectors and large components from the tailgate to the engine cover. Thanks to the short fibre lengths in the material, even workpieces with smaller wall thicknesses or thin fins can be produced without any problems. Matched metal press moulding enables short cycle times. Even injection moulding is possible if the special requirements of the fibre material are taken into account. Simulations and tool adaptations ensure optimum results.