2K/3K component injection moulding

During multi-component injection moulding with two or three components, a component or assembly is created from different materials. In this way, hard and soft materials — such as flexible seals and distortion-proof flaps — can be permanently joined together. It is also possible to manufacture complex moulded parts or assemblies with moving parts in one operation. During this procedure, the components used are joined by material bonding or positive bonding. Complex fitting of individual parts is therefore not necessary.


This model was manufactured from two materials:

  • Hard component: ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer)
  • Soft component: TPU (urethane-based thermoplastic elastomer)

This tool was manufactured with a sliding mechanism. Interlocking ensures that the hard and soft component are permanently joined together.

Mould for 2-component injection moulding

Mould for 2-component injection mouldingFinished product