erocut Funkenerosions GmbH

erocut Funkenerosions GmbH offers a wide range of metalworking services and has been a specialist in high-precision EDM processes for many years within the Siebenwurst Group. This includes wire eroding, die sinking, and start hole eroding. The range of services also includes 5-axis milling, surface treatment and conventional tasks.

Figures, dates, facts

  • Location: Rohr near Nuremberg
  • Turnover: 0.60 million euro/year
  • Employees: 5
  • Production area: 600 m², of which 400 m² is fully air-conditioned
  • Processing machines: 5 wire eroding machines, 2 start hole eroding machines, 1 die sinking machine, 1 profile grinding machine, 1 milling machine 5-axis
  • Customers: 52 customers
  • CAD systems: VISI Solid Modelling
  • CAM systems: VISI Peps, Wire 4-axis
  • Data exchange: CATIA, Solidworks, IGES, VDA, DXF, DWG, STEP
  • Wire eroding/die sinking machine: Up to 1,100 mm × 800 mm × 520 mm, max. 2.5 t
  • Surface quality: Wire eroding Ra 0.1; precision +/- 0.002 mm

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