Siebenwurst Consulting & Services GmbH

Founded in 2013, Siebenwurst Consulting & Services GmbH combines the comprehensive service package for all tool and mould making matters for Siebenwurst customers across the globe and coordinates international Siebenwurst activities. In close cooperation with SOLID, Siebenwurst Consulting & Services supports automotive customers particularly in relation to tool and production-optimised product development.

Figures, dates, facts

  • Location: Dillenburg, Munich, Ingolstadt
  • Turnover: 1.00 million euro/year
  • Employees: 5, of whom 2 are project managers
  • Customers: 31 customers in 9 different countries
  • SCS’s goal is to support Siebenwurst customers around the world with all service-related issues in the tool and mould making field.

Siebenwurst SCS