Tool Doctors — the service packages

Our Tool Doctors service provides help and support in the following cases:

  • Tool start-up
    • Mounting
    • Support during the first trial runsInstructing your employees on site
    • Presentation of the maintenance schedule
  • Repair and maintenance of tools from Siebenwurst and third-party manufacturers
  • Emergency breakdown service for tools from Siebenwurst and third-party manufacturers

The Tool Doctors workshop vehicle carries all of the tools required for on-site elimination of 90 percent of all technical tool problems. This includes using their welding equipment to apply new materials and to fix breakages.

Tool Doctors — assignment on a time and material basis

Based on your specific request, we will draw up an offer for a Tool Doctors assignment for you, including scheduling.

Tool Doctors Flex service package

Our Siebenwurst Tool Doctors specialists are available at short notice. Our experts, whom you can contact directly using our Tool Doctors hotline, carry out an initial, qualified analysis of the problem via remote diagnosis.

Experience has shown that a Tool Doctors can eliminate the problem on site in more than 90 percent of cases. We provide this service 24 hours a day, 365 a year and guarantee availability within 24 hours of your call. This on-call service is provided according to an outline service agreement.

Tool Doctors Flex maintenance package

Preventative maintenance reduces downtimes. Our maintenance package includes the annual optimisation of the standard tool-specific plan for preventative maintenance (PPM): 1 × annual maintenance work with:

  • Overall diagnosis of the tool according to the maintenance schedule
  • Replacing the parts subject to wear according to the plan (if parts subject to wear are included)
  • Basic cleaning, lubrication, greasing
  • PPM statistics for tool failure. These provide information required for the PPM process.
  • On-site consultation for work optimisation, e.g. of the cycle time, including a measures plan (effort limit: two hours. Based on our experience, a competent consultation is possible in this time).
  • All services from the Flex service package.
Your contact person at Siebenwurst:

Jürgen Mendl
Tel.: +49 8464 650-471
Fax: +49 8464 650-212