7 guiding principles

Our corporate vision stands for values that apply to everyone in the company and guides the future-oriented development of our company. It serves as orientation for each and every individual and is the basis to which we can all refer. It furthers the goal of creating a foundation of trust for all of us.

Code of Conduct

Wir handeln verbindlich, ethisch und nach festen Leitsätzen.

Unser Leitbild ist die Basis für eine gemeinsame Kommunikation der Siebenwurst-Unternehmen. Es ist dabei als Momentaufnahme einer lebendigen Unternehmenskultur angelegt.

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Passion and commitment to our customers

The customer is our focus. We are enthusiastic about new solutions. Together with the customer, we implement these solutions in a cost-conscious manner. In this regard, we are a reliable and effective partner.


Our tradition of

History has taught us flexibility and adaptability. Our tradition of curiosity and innovation has made us what we are today and will assist us on international markets. We safeguard our pioneering role in specific fields by identifying sustainable technologies and a corresponding specialisation.


Employees with great commitment, capability and passion

Our most valuable capital and the basis for our success are our responsible, well-trained and committed employees. By thinking and acting proactively across different fields, each individual contributes to the ongoing optimisation of our processes.


Our values

Our dealings with each other as well as with customers and suppliers are characterised by a straightforward approach and honesty. We value each other and focus on respect and courtesy.


Industrialised craftsmanship and scientific work

We draw our expertise from the combination of craftsmanship with industrialised processes and cooperation with science and research.


Maximum freedom for processes and procedures

With our divisions, we combine a broad range of services with a high level of specialist expertise.


Responsibility for the future

As a family-run company with a proud tradition, we stand for sustainable corporate management and take responsibility for people, the environment and resources.

Unsere Zertifikate


Es ist uns wichtig, Prozesssicherheit zu gewährleisten und standardisiert zu arbeiten. Ausdruck dessen sind unsere Zertifizierungen, die wir für unterschiedliche Bereiche vorweisen können.