Seven principles for Siebenwurst

1. Our tradition of “self-reinvention”

History has taught us to be flexible and adaptable. Our tradition of curiosity and innovation has brought us to this point, and will accompany us on the international markets.

2. Employees who work with hands, hearts and minds

Our devoted, well-trained and committed employees are our most precious asset and the basis for our success. As a learning organisation, we have realised that, in a globalised world, success is only possible through the exchange and the further development of knowledge.

3. Our values

Directness and honesty are staples of the way we interact with one another and the way we deal with our suppliers and customers. Respect and reliability will also be essential for us in the future.

4. Commitment and dedication to our customers

Our focus is on the customer. We are enthusiastic about finding new solutions which we can implement with our customers, always keeping an eye on the future. In us, the customer has a reliable and capable partner during this process.

5. Industrialised craftsmanship and scientific working methods

Our capabilities are the result of the comination of diligent craftsmanship with industrialised procedures and our cooperation with science and research.

6. Maximum freedom for procedures and processes

Our different sectors allow us to combine a broad range of services and a high level of specific competence.

7. Market leadership is achieved by opinion leadership

The issues that our customers will face in the future already influence our thinking now — so we can do today what others are still only discussing.