Where we want to go

The quality of the future is as good as the quality of the objectives we set for ourselves. This is why we set our standards very high.

Lightweight construction

Contemporary challenges were always a source of motivation for us. That is what makes us capable of dealing with today's topics. Material and energy efficiency now determine the aims of product design — and will do so even more in the future. Processes which lead to weight reduction through improvements in design or by using new materials are considered trend-setting key technologies. This specialisation of our companies allows us to make lightweight construction a key topic and to open up new perspectives to our customers. They additionally benefit from our close cooperation with partners at universities, institutes and research facilities.

Virtual organisation

Increasing internationalisation and globalisation means that conventional procedures will disappear even faster in the next few years, clearing the way for virtual organisation structures. Our specialist companies are used to working in virtual organisations as a result of their process-oriented work across the borders of the individual companies. Because of this, we feel prepared for the breaking down of further borders between us and our customers, and for an organisational culture that combines services in a project-oriented way across company boundaries. We integrate customers' contact persons and departments into the processes in order to achieve this. The introduction of this philosophy into our cooperation is our way of reaching out to our customers to form a true partnership which goes far beyond what was previously common in this sector.

Market leadership is achieved by opinion leadership

The issues that our customers will face in the future already influence our thinking now — so we can do today what others are still only discussing. Based on our comprehensive technical expertise, we maintain communication that concentrates on issues and topics common to us and our customers — through regular seminars, conferences and multi-media information.