Our capabilities

Our capabilities are the result of the combination of craftsmanship with industrialised processes and scientific methods. The quality of our products and services is mainly based on three factors:


We consider highly motivated employees with many years of experience, who have been continuously trained and further educated in the company, to be the decisive factor in our company's future success. The fact that our employees are open to new ideas is very valuable to us. Speeding up the further development of technical knowledge and competence means selectively supporting and challenging employees. In order to increase the quality of the training and to speed up the learning process, it is necessary make the experience, knowledge and abilities of our best employees available and communicable to everyone in a systematic format. Training and the transfer of knowledge will be of increasing importance over the coming years, as these are fundamental to us being able to make effective use of the most modern manufacturing technologies in the future.


Over the last few years, we have successfully made the transition from function-oriented to process-oriented organisational structures. Across all functional units, project groups are being established which are not limited to the boundaries of our individual companies. This results in shorter process chains and a simultaneous increase in the efficiency and reliability of our procedures, which provides true added value in quality, speed and in the meeting of deadlines for our customers.


The tradition of flexibility and customer orientation constantly motivates us to search for new ideas to meet the demands of the market. On this basis, we have systematically developed a tailor-made range of services which spans our customers' entire value-added chain and encompasses all aspects of our core competencies in tool manufacture and mould construction for plastic, sheet metal and light alloy moulded parts. We offer our customers the opportunity to visualise their ideas as design and function models. To make the development phase as secure as possible, we build a full range of models, from simple small samples through to series-like prototypes. During all of this, our application consultants guide the customer through the product development process with concepts for the design of parts suitable for production and demoulding.

The main reason behind our receiving the “Tool Manufacturer of the Year 2009” award was the fact that our “Tool Doctors” service represents a milestone for customer and service orientation in our sector. This service has been expanded through the addition of consulting services for the optimisation of production processes.

We see ourselves as integrators, which allows us to provide our customers with system solutions for modules and assemblies in different processing technologies.