Tool manufacture

Sheet metal forming

Cutting, drawing, piercing, pressing, punching — Siebenwurst tool manufacture gives metals and plastics the perfect shape — permanently.

This is how we process steel, aluminium and higher-strength sheet metals:
  • Transfer tool sets
  • Cutting and piercing tools
  • Drawing and pressing tools
  • Tools for GT and transfer press lines
  • Cutting tools for pattern plates
  • Tools for tailored blank plates
  • In cooperation with the BIC Zwickau, we have a 5-axis laser cutting centre at our disposal.
For plastic and fibre composite parts:
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic punching units
  • Cutting and piercing tools
  • PLC-controlled punching equipment
For cast aluminium parts:
  • Deburring tools
For hydroforming:
  • Internal high-pressure forming tools

Do you have any questions about sheet metal forming? Please feel free to contact us.

Pressing tools

You need BMC, SMC or RTM tools? Please feel free to contact us.